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  1. A little score counter for Magic: The Gathering, written in javascript with a few libraries. Super simple stuff.
  2. I created the prototype for Corel's new Discovery Center and mobile apps (Android, iOS, blackberry, tablets) . It used CakePHP hosted on Amazon. It's a pretty good resource, check it out!
  3. I helped create HTML5 WebGL game called Up and Above.
  4. I have been creating a site by extending the Effect Engine, called TinyIDE by adding support for WebGL, fixing bugs, and adding new features.
  5. I used to have a number of past and current projects set up on a personal redmine install, but with all the recent rails security violations I've had to temporarily disable it.
  1. I worked with Shaughn Perrozzino to create Condition. It won first place in the Flixel February contest!
  2. I took some games I wrote in Processing and made a game library called Laser Sea Destruction which was later used for a pretty silly game.
  1. I also coded Hats as part of the global game jam.
  2. I coded the networking and worked with a partner on the interface for a C# multicast file sharing application.


  1. I made a "pocket to-do list" as a kind of paper hack. It was featured on Lifehacker :)
  2. I made some 3D models. I have only done basic animation.
  3. I worked on a lot of interfaces and demos while at Adobe, but I don't have any screenshots and the latest LiveCycle hasn't been released yet :\ sorry
  4. An art exhibit site in CakePHP.